Sunday, 6 November 2011

Repping my favourite band in the world today

Hiding my face cause I hate it today. 
Stephen and I went to the cinema to see "In Time" yesterday and it was awesome :D Olivia Wilde is a babe <3 And all I want for Christmas now are Amanda Seyfried's legs. Went to Nandos after for the first time in about 4 months and then it was off to the fireworks! For those of you who don't come from my fair city, every
Bonfire Night, Glasgow City Council and Clyde 1 Radio hold this MASSIVE fireworks display with a theme and music and stuff on Glasgow Green and thousands of people come to see it. I go every year, and since Glasgow Green is now just around the corner from my flat then it was even better! We walked to the Green just in time for the fireworks to start and were home snuggled up in pyjamas with hot chocolate 10 minutes after they ended :D My only complaint this year was it was way shorter than what it usually was, it normally lasts about half an hour but this year it was about 15-20 mins. I took some pictures so I'll put them up later :) I'm off shopping with my mum!

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