Saturday, 7 April 2012

Please excuse my geekiness. Normal service will return shortly.

Also please excuse the pictures being upside down. I'm too excited to care. So to break up the fact that Stephen and I are quite skint and have nothing to do, we decided to take a wander around the Barras. Now for those of you that don't know, the Barras used to be, pretty much a Glasgow institution. In the 90's it became THE place to purchase a good ol' pirate DVD or CD, but also a place to get a fantastic vintage bargain. Now, the pirates have been turfed out and it's sort of died a death. Which makes me kinda sad tbh.  Anyway, there's a fantastic second-hand jewellers there, where they have boxes of silver rings for £5, and oddly enough, every Beanie Baby ever made. Stephen and I stood and gabbed to the owners for about an hour and I felt bad for taking up all their time so I thought I'd buy a ring. And Stephen bought me a doggy Beanie Baby. It's currently sitting on top of my TV.

This ring is a good 4 sizes too small, but I kept looking at it, and eventually decided to just buy it and wear it as a half ring because even though the stone is obvs fake, it's beautiful. 

Then...I spotted this. Now I am no gemmology expert, but I got full marks and close to full marks in both my gemmology exams, so I'd say I'm pretty damn good. And these look like real opals to me. The thing that's throwing me off is they are set in silver. In my experience, opals are normally set in gold if they're bought second hand. I'm gonna take them in and let my tutor have a look at them but I have a feeling I just got £x amount of opals for £5. Winner. 

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