Friday, 18 May 2012


My online shop is now up and running!! Please have a look at and tell all your friends ;)


  1. Hi hun, thought I'd comment on here about the studded shoes cos you have to keep checking back to see if i replied on my blog. Anyway, I got mine from this seller in hong kong but it didnt take long at all for them to be delivered.

    I was just wondering though, are you a size 3/4? I'm normally a 4 and theyre a little tight for me (not sure if its just cos ive been on my feet all day) but if you are, would you be interested in buying mine off me? I may order another pair from them in a size up. I'd prob recommend this if you consider buying from them if these shoes are anything to go by because im normally quite a small 4 and they are very snug lenghtways.

    Anyway, let me know :) x

  2. Hiya, I've actually ordered another pair in a size 5. I'm never any bigger than a 4 in my regular shoes so I'm hoping these will be better. From the pair that I got I would recommend definitely going up a size. I'm hoping mine wasnt just an anomaly though - i really dont want the size 5s to be too big now ahah! They took a week or two to arrive, quicker than I thought but if you're a bit worried about the sizing, when my bigger pair arrive I will let you know how they are? Means waiting a couple of weeks though before you buy if you're a bit hesitant! x